пятница, 1 октября 2010 г.

Artcalabas - moth Mahon

artcalabas - sold

About the new pipe “Beecalabsh” (possible pros and cons)

Two years ago I had no technical ability to make classical Calabash and Bulldog, though it was a fake taboo. First I managed to make strips on the Bulldog by hand and I even could manage polishing them so they looked better than any machine work.
Then I started making innovations on Freebulldog, where to parallel lines cross, which again shows the advantage of a hand above the machine and opens borders for new design. I had no experience no wish to make Calabash on the machine, but the form Bumblebee gave me a thought to unite shape innovation, advantages of a classical hookah and get an absolute of shape innovation (balance between esthetics and efficiency).
What pluses and minuses has Beecalabash in comparison with a classic variant. The heaviest plus is to make light types of hookah (from 70 to 40 grams) and it is easy to regulate the length of the pipe, which is good for balance and easy on teeth.
You should understand that real weight of the Bee is 60 grams in reality feels lighter on teeth by 25%-30%, simply because heavy shank is short (elementary physic).
I also managed to simplify the construction of the hookah by dividing and switching the chambers. Tobacco chamber has a classical configuration (I cut extra wood from a bowl). Connection between stem and air chamber has spigot connection and spigot itself is quite special. It has a big diameter of effective surface, about 20 millimeters, what makes it easy to clean the air chamber. Also because of the big diameter you should not twist while inserting the stem, just insert it by easily pressing it without any twisting. When you should disassemble the stem just put a little strength on the maximum bent of the stem and it will easily come out.

I understand that my long explanation may frighten the pipe smoker, because all of this you should see for yourself. In two words it’s easy to connect the pipe to the stem and the other way around. I was very glad, when I managed to accomplish it, because it was no simple task.
I also managed to solve a problem in pipe Bee

The problem is classical and technical, the place where the mortise connects with a fake tenon in fullbent version sometimes had a problem with cleaning. In model Beecalabash I just get rid of this problem and instead of it we got an air chamber and a short bore. Beecalabash is pipe that never squelches while you smoke.

Now about possible minuses.

You have to store a pipe on shelf disassembled so we are sure it gets dry. That’s the greatest danger. Thus, after smoking you should take the stem right off, even if the pipe is not cooled down, because the air chamber doesn’t get hot, which is good.
After disassembling the pipe you should put a napkin inside the air chamber for a few minutes or for the night to absorb all the tar.
Also while cleaning the bore you have to do it through the tobacco chamber and it’s very easy. It’s also possible to put absorbent coal inside the air chamber or rise, which are both good absorbent and very cheap. Following these simple rules you get easy and sweet moments of smoking. My smoking experience of this particular pipe construction and engineering reasoned out all my fears.

My tobacco experiments.
It’s interesting to smoke personal mixtures with a cigar leaf (very cool smoke may help to palate the cigar symphony).
The biggest minus for such pipe is possible rejection of classical shapes, because of a hot and concentrated smoke.

It’s just my point of view, but after smoking Beecalabash I had an experience reevaluation, and in future I will be smoking only Calabash models.

I gave an example of Beecalabash, but the idea itself may have many shapes, not only Beecalabash, for example butterfly wing, swallowtail butterfly (papilio machaon) maybe.